About Rap Freestyle

Rap freestyle offers everyone an opportunity to get noticed in the MC world. On our site you will find out the latest news that is happening in the mc world, you can become a member and have your own profile where you will be able to upload your own videos of you MC-ing , making funny videos or a bit of Drum and base. You can also meet other members on our site check out the latest videos of them spitting some rhymes you will be able to  chat with others,become friends with and get noticed.

People now days think rapping is all about teenagers swearing or being racist Rap freestyle is for people of all ages and welcomes everyone. We have strict rules, bad language is a part of rap and can be overlooked although racist remarks will cause videos to be instantly banned and will not be tolerated. Also no nudity is allowed and we expect everyone to respect others and following the rules.

If you enjoy or think you can mc why not check out and sign up for Rap freestyle and see what you think it is free of charge to sign up. There are also competitions each month to see who’s the best member if you are up for the challenge then sign up.


Rap freestyle

Welcome To Rap Free Style

Rap Freestyle offers a place to upload your rap videos for free, helping you get noticed in the MC world.

Videos are seperated into 3 categories: HIP-HOP, D’N’B and Funny Videos…. Choose your category and get uploading.